What We Do

Mission Statement

Operation Fire Support is committed improving safety & saving lives in communities around the world.

Our mission is to keep people and property safe from fire & other emergencies, prevent disasters & alleviate suffering.

We do this by providing specialist fire, emergency, lifesaving & humanitarian services.

Mission: To Save Life & Property,

Prevent Destruction & Alleviate Suffering


Education, Training & Emergency Response – Improving Safety in Communities through improving:

– Fire Prevention & Firefighting training
– Rescue Techniques training
– Fire Instructor & Fire Officer Training,
– Emergency Response & Planning Consultancy,
– Hazard/Risk Assessments & Developing of Emergency Management Plans,
– CPR & Lifesaving training,


Technology and Innovation – Enhancing Capabilities through
incorporating world’s best practice techniques & procedures by utilizing Technology and Innovation


Practical Assistance – Supporting Communities through the following Practical Support:

– Specialist Personnel During Disasters
& Emergencies,
– Emergency Response Teams,
– Equipment, Vehicles, PPE-Personal Protective Equipment & other
relevant Supplies,
– Buildings & Infrastructure,
– Wildfire Prevention Works,
– Any Services & Support relating to
the saving of life & property from any
potential or actual emergency or disaster
situation or to alleviate suffering & distress.

Our Works